Not all my appointments are bookable online, including those within 24 hours, so if you can't see a time to suit do call, text or email me.  

Horse bookings are no longer possible online.  All horse bookings must now be prepaid in advance with a non-refundable 1 week cancellation policy.  Please note that ALL animal clients require veterinary permission prior to treatment (permission form linked at the foot of the page).  This is the UK law and applies to all non-vet therapists who treat animals.   

Book online to find an appointment time to suit you.

Helping people and animals back to health

Wessex Chiropractic was founded by Sally Mathews in 2008.  The clinic is based at her home, and aims to give patients the very best in chiropractic care to help them back to health.  The initial consultation is 1hour long and repeat appointments are 30 minutes, giving the time to explore both new and existing conditions without the need to rush.  All patients have access to Sally's mobile number and are able to contact her any time for advice, reassurance and assistance.