The clinic has now reopened to all clients.  Please read the COVID-19 page of this website carefully to understand the changes that have been implemented for infection control purposes.  


As I'm sure you'll appreciate many risks have had to be assessed and mitigated before I can open.  According to the latest Government guidelines my wearing of PPE (which includes:  apron, gloves, mask) will mean that, should you go on to develop symptoms of COVID-19, I will be protected from closure if identified via test and trace.  Interactions with health professionals are escalated to a different tier where this information is taken into account.  Likewise should I develop symptoms you should be protected.

All patients will be asked to wear a face covering throughout their appointment.  I have decided to leave prices at £35 for treatments despite the eye-watering amount of money I have spent on PPE as I recognise that financial stresses have been significant for many people during the pandemic and lockdown.  I'm luckier than some as I don't have to pay to rent an office space - working as I do from home.  So I can afford to absorb some additional costs.  Having said that I will ask you to pay for a mask if you choose to use one of mine rather than providing your own.  This is at cost price of £1 per mask.  I have temporarily removed the ability to book online in order to be able to risk assess patients individually at point of booking.  

Helping people and animals back to health

Wessex Chiropractic was founded by Sally Mathews in 2008.  The clinic is based at her home, and aims to give patients the very best in chiropractic care to help them back to health.  The initial consultation is 1hour long and repeat appointments are 30 minutes, giving the time to explore both new and existing conditions without the need to rush.  All patients have access to Sally's mobile number and are able to contact her any time for advice, reassurance and assistance.