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Bertie goes West
Hanoverian mare
Radar the Hungarian Vizsla

"I do a very physical job and without Sally's expert help I would struggle to ride at times. I cannot recommend her highly enough for people, horses and dogs."
Debbie Poynter - Wessex Chiropractic sponsors her and her horse, Keystone for Real

"Sally has helped a lot with my back, I go in bent sideways and come out straight. She is very professional, helpful and patient, And above all really helps. She always goes the extra mile and has given advice on all sorts. Highly recommend."


"Sally treats me and my horse. She is professional, knowledgeable, kind and patient! I feel so much better when I’ve had a treatment. Sally recently came with me to the water treadmill to see how this improved my horse. Sally is dedicated to continuing to improve and develop herself, in order to provide the best possible care/treatment for you and your pet. I highly recommend Sally!"


"Sally treated my 20 year old cob gelding, Bertie, following veterinary recommendation as Bertie had suffered a nasty fall in his field and in addition to a right forelimb sprain injury, resulting in lameness and limited flexion, he was very restricted and in a deal of pain through the neck. Bertie also has arthritis in his right hock.

"Sally was, in my opinion, professional, patient, kind, gentle, thorough, efficient and most importantly, she was effective, achieving a big improvement for Bertie on her first visit. Bertie was so relaxed by her caring and skilful touch that he dozed off towards the end of the treatment session and has been moving much more freely since her visit 5 days ago. At my request, Bertie will be having a second "date" with Sally. Since his treatment he has also been a much calmer horse.

"I would whole heartedly recommend Sally and I believe that for the excellent results achieved, she offers good value for money."

"I can wholeheartedly recommend Sally. Sally has treated myself, my husband, my little boy (from when he was only a week old) and even our dog. Sally is so caring, extremely talented and I trust her completely with the most important people in my life." 


My horse feels absolutely fabulous after a treatment with Sally. She is totally professional and very caring even accommodating my crazy work life around the appointment! 
very impressed and am going to book myself an appointment too! thank you Sally :) x


"We have an 11 year old Golden Retriever (Rufus). He had been suffering from arthritis, this often caused him to yelp in pain. The vet could only offer morphine to help ease the pain. We were recommended to Sally by a friend. She treated Rufus twice, and the results were very noticeable. He was moving freely and seemed a lot happier, no more yelping in pain." 
Paul and Carol

My horse, husband and myself have had regular treatment from Sally for over a year now. Without doubt she got me to the start line, and more importantly the finish line, of the #LondonMarathon2018 by keeping my body in one piece when the training was punishing it. I carry a legacy of two broken vertebrae and a broken scapula and she keeps me level, supple and able to ride everything from crazy young horses to Grand Prix. I really notice that I ride better and more evenly after treatment. My partner had a hip replacement at the end of November2018 and within six weeks was running on the treadmill with no problems whatsoever. My horse is 18.2hh of big gangly young dressage horse and he also has regular treatment to make sure his body develops well and is up to the demands that high level dressage will place on it. Sally makes a real difference to all of us, on me frequently finding problems that I didn’t even know I have and then solving them so that I give the horses a better training experience. I love the fact that she treats both horses and humans so that she can look at the whole picture and treat us as a partnership - it doesn’t make sense doing one without the other.


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