The clinic is open to all patients.  No face to face contact will be possible with anyone who is displaying COVID-19 symptoms.  If you have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19 you will need to follow the current guidance which advises limiting contact with those outside your household group.  For this reason I will be asking all confirmed contacts of cases to leave 10 days clear after contact and to provide a negative lateral flow test prior to attending.   Please note that low back pain has been identified as a key feature of the omicron variant.  

Upon arrival things will be a little bit different.  Before entry I will take your temperature.  I will be wearing an apron, mask, visor and gloves, as directed by UKHSA when working within 2m of patients, and I will ask you to wear a face covering during the appointment.  You can follow the guidelines to make your own, or purchase one from me at a cost of £1.   Those who are unable to wear a face covering may wish to pursue Telehealth appointments instead.  


Please text me on arrival and wait in your vehicle until asked to enter.  As you enter the new building I will open all doors so that you do not need to touch anything. I will run a HEPA air purifier with additional UVC filtration.  The bench will, as usual, be thoroughly cleaned between appointments with a cleaning product that is shown to kill coronavirus along with other bacteria and viruses.  Payments are to be via contactless card machine or BACS.  At the end of the treatment session I will dispose of my used PPE into an offensive waste bin which will be removed by an approved company.  You may leave your face mask for me to dispose of if you wish.   Duration between appointments will be increased to prevent any patients crossing at the clinic entrance and to allow for additional cleaning time between patients.  Please note there are no toilet facilities on site.  

As I'm sure you'll appreciate many risks have had to be assessed and mitigated in order to remain open.  The new treatment space even has an anti-microbial and fungicidal flooring and there is anti-microbial paint on the walls!  Your details will be retained by me as part of the treatment process and will be passed to Test and Trace teams where necessary.  

Virtual consultations will continue to be available to those who need triage, advice or exercise prescription.  I'm afraid I have had to suspend new patient visits for the time being as I need to prioritise existing patients.  

Please follow NHS advice:

Government advice: