I'm happy to say that I am able to remain open during the second national lockdown November 2020.  

The clinic is open to all patients, however no face to face contact will be possible with anyone who is displaying COVID-19 symptoms, or those who have not been in contact with anyone displaying COVID-19 symptoms.  Those in the at risk categories will need to undertake additional risk assessment.  For these reasons I will not be accepting online bookings.


Upon arrival things will be a little bit different.  Before entry I will take your temperature.  I will be wearing an apron, mask, visor and gloves (which I have sourced from an ethical provider and will not impact on NHS supply) and I will ask you to wear a face covering during the appointment.  You can follow the guidelines to make your own, or purchase one from me at a cost of £1 (that's what I have paid - the standard for medical practitioners conducting face-to-face consultations is, at time of writing, to use type IIR single use surgical masks. No profit will be made on these).  This is non-negotiable due to the risk assessment in place.  Those who are unable to wear a face covering may wish to pursue Telehealth appointments instead.  Please wait in your vehicle until asked to enter.  As you enter the building I will open all doors so that you do not need to touch anything.  You will note a new screen between the treatment room and the rest of the property.  The treatment room will be bare of any soft furnishings to enable me to deep clean the room before and after treatments.  The windows will be open to enable cross-ventilation should the weather allow.  If it is too cold to leave windows open I will run a HEPA air purifier with additional UVC filtration.  The bench will, as usual, be thoroughly cleaned between appointments with a cleaning product that is shown to kill coronavirus along with other bacteria and viruses.  Payments are to be via contactless card machine or BACS.  At the end of the treatment session I will dispose of my used PPE into an offensive waste bin which will be removed by an approved company.  You may leave your face mask for me to dispose of if you wish.   Duration between appointments will be increased to prevent any patients crossing at the clinic entrance and to allow for additional cleaning time between patients. 

As I'm sure you'll appreciate many risks have had to be assessed and mitigated before I can open.  Your details will be retained by me as part of the treatment process and will be passed to Test and Trace teams where necessary.  This is my home, and my family will not have access to any of the public spaces for at least 1hr prior to, or after, treatments.  Myself and my family will be health-checked on each occasion before any patients are allowed into the premises.  Should we develop any symptoms we will self-isolate and procure tests ASAP.  

Virtual consultations will continue to be available to those who need triage, advice or exercise prescription.  The beauty of online consultations is that you can remain in the comfort of your own home and can also benefit from care if you live outside my area.  New patients can attend as normal at this time. I have transferred from a paper system to an online note system which allows you to complete all forms online, including signing for consent purposes. 

Please follow NHS advice:

Government advice: