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The clinic is open to all patients.  Patient mask wearing is *currently* a personal choice but please be prepared that this could change at any time and masks may become mandatory once again.  I will still wear a type 2R mask in accordance with guidelines.  I do please ask patients to let me know if they are unwell and we can discuss rescheduling appointments.  

Please text me on arrival and wait in your vehicle until asked to enter.  As you enter the new building I will open all doors so that you do not need to touch anything. I will run a HEPA air purifier with additional UVC filtration.  The bench will, as usual, be thoroughly cleaned between appointments with a cleaning product that is shown to kill coronavirus along with other bacteria and viruses.  Please note there are no toilet facilities on site.  

As I'm sure you'll appreciate many risks have had to be assessed and mitigated in order to remain open.  The new treatment space even has an anti-microbial and fungicidal flooring and there is anti-microbial paint on the walls!  Your details will be retained by me as part of the treatment process and will be passed to Test and Trace teams where necessary.  

Please follow NHS advice:

Government advice:

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