As a profession which depends heavily on direct physical contact the new guidance on social distancing is very restrictive to normal work.  We all need to strengthen our response and actions to prevent the spread of the Corona virus – and to protect those most at risk of serious complications.

With this in mind the clinic is now moving into a cautious reopening phase for existing patients whose situation requires urgent treatment.  This may include pain which is progressing or pain which would otherwise result in the access of NHS resources.  Each case will be risk assessed individually.  No face to face contact will be possible with anyone who is displaying coronavirus symptoms.  Those in the at risk categories will need to undertake additional risk assessment which we can work through together.  For these reasons I will not be accepting online bookings.


Upon arrival things will be a little bit different.  Patients are going to be asked to pull up outside and open up a video chat or phone call at their designated appointment time.  This will be your opportunity to update me on your current symptoms.  Once the paperwork is up to date I will ask you to enter the property.  I will be wearing an apron, mask and gloves (which I have sourced from an ethical provider and will not impact on NHS supply) and I will ask you to wear a face covering during the appointment.  You can follow the guidelines to make your own, or purchase one from me at a cost of £1 (that's what I have paid.  The standard for medical practitioners conducting face-to-face consultations is, at time of writing, to use type IIR single use surgical masks. No profit will be made on these).  As you enter the building I will open all doors so that you do not need to touch anything.  You will note a new screen between the treatment room and the rest of the property.  The treatment room will be bare of any soft furnishings to enable me to deep clean the room before and after treatments.  The windows will be open to enable cross-ventilation.  The bench will, as usual, be thoroughly cleaned between appointments.  We will minimise the amount of time spent in face to face contact. At the end of the treatment I will open all doors for you to let you out and we can complete any next bookings and payments outside.  Payments are to be via contactless card machine or BACS. At the end of the treatment session I will dispose of my used PPE into an offensive waste bin which will be removed by an approved company.   Durations between appointments will be increased to prevent any patients crossing at the clinic entrance. 

As I'm sure you'll appreciate all of these risks have had to be assessed and mitigated before I can open.  This is my home, and my family will not have access to any of the public spaces for at least 1hr prior to, or after, treatment.  Myself and my family will be health-checked on each occasion before any patients are allowed into the premises.  

Virtual consultations will continue to be available to those who need triage, advice or exercise prescription.  The beauty of online consultations is that you can remain in the comfort of your own home and can also benefit from care if you live outside my area.


As I'm going to be busy helping my existing clients, alongside homeschooling my small children, I'm afraid I'm not able to accept any new patients at this time. This will remain under review.   

Please follow NHS advice:

Government advice: